Added Value Fertiliser (worth the extra money or not)

As a business, we try to avoid being too product orientated, but there is a danger that without talking about it you don’t know that we do it. Especially customers who have historically or currently use an Enhanced product and are looking for a more cost-effective British made product.

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Silage Quality This Winter

As the majority of herds are partially housing cows and buffering quite heavily, we have had the opportunity to open clamps and hopefully come up with a plan for the winter. Many of you will have probably cast your eye across the silage results that have been printed in the national press over the last few months and even had a chance to sit down and compare your silages to the published figures.

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Silages a view from the field

Averages paint a very black and white picture. Unfortunately rarely is life that simple and so it would appear that this year is looking trickier than the averages suggest. There will be some fundamental pressure put on cows for anyone out grazing day and night now and over the last month, and to a certain degree even those out days. Grazing is poor in general and so most herds will have lost 2 litres on average meaning fresh and peak cows are probably 5 litres off already. Not a great start.

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