Old girls

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With ever changing demands on safety, emissions and reliability, we have to keep our fleet evolving.

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Raw Material Overview

Proteins Soyabean meal – up over £100 per tonne from its lows in February Adverse weather conditions during summer saw a drop in U.S Crop Lack of rain in South…

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Navigating the fiscal mine field

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Yes, cream did fall from the high £1.50’s down to as low as £1.30/kg. But it’s now back-up to £1.40/kg at the time of writing. It really needs to be in the mid £1.50’s to lend support to current liquid milk prices. Butter has remained relatively stable too.

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Driving Milk Proteins and More

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As with all these things, a nutritional solution is only as good as the management on farm. If the cows are without water or feed, are chronically lame or massively overstocked any amount of a ‘new’ product will not solve the issues for these cows.

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