Be careful who you listen to.

Profit is all in the detail. It doesn’t matter whether
you are an extensive farmer or an intensive one…..
if those are even the correct terms for any farming
strategies… will not make money if the job is
done in a sloppy manner.
First and foremost you
must decide what style
of farming you are trying
to achieve. Then focus
on making the areas in which you excel even better and
stop avoiding areas that you are poor at managing! Either get someone else in to
run that bit or take some advice that helps you to do it better. If you listen to the
right people, then even jobs you usually do not like doing can suddenly become
quite rewarding. The worse a situation is, invariably the easier it is to see some real
progress and it is often quite simple to make a di erence quite quickly.
The right advice though is the signi cant factor here. I have always said that the
most important thing you can do is to surround yourself with quality people that
can understand your business and will help you to progress and achieve your goals.
Recently we have seen some shocking advice on-farm from people that really
should know better. Lower returns should really focus the mind…. what they shouldn’t do is allow you to be exploited by so called
advisors/sales directors/nutritionists/feed specialists giving advice that is incorrect and misleading. Often incorrect advice stems
from someone trying to score a cheap shot against a competitor and not because it is the right thing for you. Ultimately you, the
farmer, will pay the price if you listen to it, whilst they just move on to the next poor target.
My advice is simple. If you don’t believe that the person trying to advise you about a certain subject understands what they are
on about, then run it past someone who does or research what they are saying on the internet to
see if it stands up to scrutiny.
Your farm pro tability hinges on great management and great advice. If
it looks too good to be true…. it usually is. Rest assured I will make sure
that we never come on to any of your farms and try to advise you in an
area that we know less about than you.
Be careful who you listen to
Be careful who you listen to
Be careful who you listen to
Profi t is all in the detail. It doesn’t matter whether