Blinded by myths: Uncovering climate solutions within animal agriculture

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An evening with Dr. Frank Mitloehner, Professor in the Department of Animal Science at the University of California, Davis.

There are many myths around emissions from agriculture, but Dr. Mitloehner has taken a much closer look at the industry’s contribution to climate change, and his research aims to combat the negativity regarding agricultural emissions. Here, he discusses why his research shows current farm carbon calculators are wrong.

Animal agriculture is often disproportionately blamed when it comes to climate change, distracting us from legitimate climate solutions in a sector portrayed as only a problem. That’s because we haven’t been looking at how methane actually warms – or helps cool – our planet. By rethinking methane, we can show how animal agriculture cannot only find a path to climate neutrality, but also one in which it can be a tool in our fight against global climate change.

An event by Frank Mitloehner

Dr Frank Mitloehner discussed:

  • Inadequacy of current ways we measure methane
  • Improving farm efficiency to improve profitability
  • Can Agriculture provide the solution to tackling climate change?
  • Q&A session