Britmilk Calf Milk Powders added to our range

Always striving to enhance our product offering to the farming community CMC is pleased to announce that they are now able to add the full range of Britmilk Calf Milk Replacers to their current milk powder range, offering a comprehensive range of the highest quality whey and skim milk replacers at very cost-effective prices.

Feeding milk replacers

New research shows that achieving high weight gains of 0.8kg per day through additional milk replacer in the first 8-10 weeks will reap benefits of over 500 litres plus in the 1st lactation. Maintaining this weight right through will mean heifers calving @ 22-24 months with big savings in capital outlays (housing etc) and faster return on investment.

Brit milk

Britmilk calf milk is based on the highest quality skim and whey together with top quality fats (palm, coconut, omega 3, soya oil). The fats are fully homogenised into small globules to enable maximum digestibility for optimum performance. All Britmilk calf milk contains probiotics, prebiotics, polyclonal antibodies and vitamin/ mineral pack to maintain healthy calves. When feeding once a day (after 28 days) it is recommended to use a Skim based milk replacer.

As well as being able to supply their own range of computerised calf feeders Britmilk calk milk is also compatible with the majority other calf feeders with free flow versions available if required.

Make sure you understand the mixing instructions, 125 grams per litre means 125 grams to make a litre, so 875 ml of warm water plus 125 grams of milk powder to make a litre of milk replacer.

Finally Britmilk Vitalamb lamb milk replacer now in stock, containing proteins from the highest quality milk products. It’s specifically chosen oil and fats plus minerals/vitamins supplement makes it an excellent choice for young lambs.

Please contact your local sales representative or Graham Dodd for details and prices on the full range of powders


Order a full pallet of Britmilk Calf Milk Powder for delivery before Christmas and receive a  high-quality calf jacket FREE OF CHARGE

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