Calf feed, an unconventional approach

Over the last couple of years the importance of calf rearing has been talked about in depth. We are all familiar with the arguments for increased levels of milk powder to ensure the best start and debate about protein levels of milk powder and the age old arguments of skim verses whey powders. The debate now has moved on to that of solid feed, with the aim of maximising intakes and rumen development.

The practice of increasing powder intakes has created a dilemma and in some cases caused a problem on farm. The fact that it decreases intake of solid feed, and when we do eventually wean them they have the potential to go backwards for a few weeks, negating the good work we have done by increasing the levels of powder into the calf.

Sound familiar? Well you are not alone. This is not an uncommon problem, which can be very frustrating and has caused many to question the approach of increasing powder quantities.

One solution which has been producing fantastic results is using a Whole Grain Coarse Calf Feed. It is exactly as it sounds, whole grain Maize and Oats with a soya based protein. The product also benefits from the inclusion of NIS which has been shown in trials to aid both rumen development and growth rates. This product is extremely palatable and we have seen excellent growth rates on the back of this. The use of Zinpro Availa minerals also compliments the higher intakes we are seeing with this product, further fortifying the immune system of the calves.

The product is based on specific diets that our team encountered on their study tour to the US last year, but developed to meet the specific needs of UK dairying. If you would like further information about this product then please give me a ring.