Cann’s Corner

What a challenging summer! Started off well got difficult later on, which is how I see the winter panning out with getting cows to milk. First cuts and some second cuts seem to be feeding well in most cases but not as well as expected on paper.

Third cuts are going to be very challenging with low ME and high NDF being common which we will soon have to deal with has earlier cuts seem to going back quickly. Maize samples are coming back looking good, I have seen lots at 30 DM and 30 plus starch which has also yielded heavy as well.

Overall forage stocks on a lot of farms are not plentiful which needs to be addressed now to stop panic buying later on. Look at your options, for example see what forage is on the market to buy, add hay to the diet instead of maybe straw, consider fodder beet or other root crops, sell cull cows or under preforming animals earlier or consider upping your concentrate feed rate even look at using a lower spec compound but feed more of it to maintain energy levels.

Milk price increases has made most focus on producing more milk , but even before milk price has peaked and been paid in the bank, there is talk of it dropping which will soon change the focus to cost of production .

I am afraid this is what we are all going to have to get used to and manage in the future, the fluctuation of the milk price.