Roundup of recent facebook articles

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A round-up of recent farming and feed articles and posts on Facebook. Free range eggs It’s great to see such fantastic results from long-standing customer, Clayewater Farms. Anya, 3rd generation…

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9 reasons to Back British Farming in 2020

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We live in a world of finite resources with an atmosphere that is rapidly warming. Food sourcing is up there with the most influential decisions we can make regarding the wellbeing of our planet. Recently, agriculture has been at the forefront of criticism regarding climate change, but this has been very generalised.

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Tweets and articles

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From the farmer’s mouth: 9 reasons to Back British Farming Countryside columnist Charlie Beaty gives us a timely reminder of why its important to back British farming in 2020 - here…

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Thoughts from 2019

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Some snippets from the last 6 months of the year as seen on Twitter. Follow us for more news next year! Find us at: @CreditonMilling November 2019 What are you…

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Zinpro Performance Minerals

High yielding dairy cows have increased metabolic pressure to maintain peak yields and get back in calf. Typically, energy and protein are the main focus and seen as the first limiting factors of nutrition, which of course is true…holistically water, vitamins and minerals also have a critical role for optimal performance, health and longevity.

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Developing Purposeful Focus to Achieve Your Goals

The first step in stress management is learning what stress is and how it arises. When you understand the damage that stress does to the physical body and your mental state – it is quite a motivation to learn how to reduce it and if possible – eliminate it all together.

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Dutchy tour

In December we invited some of Duchy College Level 3 Agricultural students to spend the day with us. We did a tour of the mill to see how the products are made and how everything functions to make the mill run smoothly and efficiently. The students then had a couple of presentations one by myself, talking to them about my experiences as an ex-dutchy student and their options to employment after completing their course.

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