Support your local farm shop

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For every supermarket that has empty shelves there’s a farm shop or farm directly selling to the public waiting for your custom. If you have a farm shop or you…

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20:20 Vision

2020 new year new me and all that jazz, most of my new year resolutions out the window by week two hopefully you guys have done a better job than…

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Why do cows prefer to be cool?

Dairy cows are homeothermic animals and need to maintain a constant body temperature of around 38.6֯C (+/- 0.5֯C) for efficient metabolism.  To maintain this temperature, the heat generated from normal…

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Controlling the controllables

One of the main reasons that we all love agriculture is that no two days, seasons or farms are the same. At a time where we are seeing an unseasonably warm, dry spell, what can we hope to achieve by ‘controlling the controllables’? Although the weather is a key influencing factor on grass availability, crop establishment/growth and farmer moods, there is absolutely nothing that any of us can do about it! There are, however, some simple things that we can do for our cows to ensure that they remain as healthy, happy and productive as possible.

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