Raw Material Overview

Proteins Soyabean meal – up over £100 per tonne from its lows in February Adverse weather conditions during summer saw a drop in U.S Crop Lack of rain in South…

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Is pre-mowing a useful tool?

As the season progresses and conditions vary, good grass management becomes increasingly important and pre-mowing can be a useful method to rejuvenate a tired pasture. In mid-July and early August…

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Targeted Maize Nutrition

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Maize Nutrition This graph from the MGA highlights the growth and nutrient uptake of a maize plant. From this graph, we can see the peak of nutrient assimilation is the…

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Forage news

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The focus on forage production and utilisation is going to be more important than ever this year with the need to get the most from home-produced feed. Fertiliser use will…

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Forage Quality This Winter

As the majority of herds are partially housing cows and buffering quite heavily, we have had the opportunity to open clamps and hopefully come up with a plan for the…

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