Controlling the controllables

One of the main reasons that we all love agriculture is that no two days, seasons or farms are the same. At a time where we are seeing an unseasonably warm, dry spell, what can we hope to achieve by ‘controlling the controllables’?

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Is pre-mowing a useful tool?

As the season progresses and conditions vary, good grass management becomes increasingly important and pre-mowing can be a useful method to rejuvenate a tired pasture. In mid-July and early August…

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Targeted Maize Nutrition

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Maize Nutrition This graph from the MGA highlights the growth and nutrient uptake of a maize plant. From this graph, we can see the peak of nutrient assimilation is the…

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Forage Quality This Winter

As the majority of herds are partially housing cows and buffering quite heavily, we have had the opportunity to open clamps and hopefully come up with a plan for the…

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Multicut silages – a review

Forages this winter presented a particular challenge on farm when it came to rationing. There were many instances of variability in animal response to diet ‘tweaking’, which were put down to abnormal silage profiles. Generally, first cuts were earlier and last year and did feed quite well but in many cases, there wasn’t a lot of it, but as the table below illustrates on average they weren’t significantly improved on previous years.

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