Lockdown Lectures

Since the lockdown began, the CMC poultry team have been involved in array of training sessions to utilise our time at home.

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Advice for farmers affected by flooding

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(source: NFU online) Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis and future events Storm Ciara hit Britain 8-9 February leading to extreme localised flooding of agricultural land especially in the north of England,…

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New member of the poultry team

Find out more about Crediton Milling in this months issue of  NFU Poultry magazine and read about our new member of the team, Harriet Smith, who recently joined the poultry…

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Mill Update & Christmas opening

To assist us with our production & transport planning we would appreciate your orders in by: – Thursday 12th December for Pre-Christmas Delivery Thursday 19th December for Pre-New Year Delivery Read on for an update on the fire and a big thank you to all those that helped with the recovery ...

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CMC Ruminant Focus Team

CMC fully acknowledge the dramatic changes British agriculture has undergone in recent years. Technological advancements have made a significant impact but there still never seems to be enough hours in the day. You will be pleased to hear that help is at hand.

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Failing to prepare= prepare to fail?

It’s an old adage, but one that tends to ring true, but as soon as you hear it makes you remember that sickening feeling in the bottom of your stomach that you had on exam day, when you realised that actually milking cows and driving tractors after school every night was unlikely to contribute to a successful outcome in your maths exam! Nevermind, most of us have attempted to confine that feeling to history, but there may just be more than a few of you that get that same feeling when you open your clamp of silage or look at your costings or bank statement?

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