What influences egg shell quality?

As a result, there are many factors which can affect shell quality. It is a critical part of producing eggs as it can obviously have some strong financial implications if it is not kept on top of.

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New member of the poultry team

Find out more about Crediton Milling in this months issue of  NFU Poultry magazine and read about our new member of the team, Harriet Smith, who recently joined the poultry…

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Egg Peritonitis

The weather has been horrendous and we have seen problems associated with birds trudging through the soaked ranges. It is inevitable that the birds that go out onto the range will drink from the muddy puddles and ingest a host of bugs that can affect bird health. Probably the biggest cause of death in laying birds is egg peritonitis or E.coli peritonitis and the drinking of that dirty, infected water certainly doesn’t help! The term egg peritonitis actually covers disorders of the egg-laying tract including impaction of the oviduct, peritonitis and infection of the oviduct. E.coli, however, tends to be the bug that kills the bird.

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Eggs – ‘Natures Superfood’

Eggs are a very versatile product and they can be used in many forms, from cooking eggs alone by various methods, or using eggs to bind other foods together. We have a very strong and growing egg market here in the South West which is something to be very proud of so eating eggs regularly can only strengthen our industry as well as yourself! Top tip... A fresh egg will sink in water, a stale one will float!

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