Flashback to 2014 by Jenny

This story was first published in 2014 and we thought we'd revisit the story 5 years later. I have been quite successful this year with my Young Farmers dairy stock…

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Supporting Fats at Grass

Sub-clinical and clinical acidosis occurs as rumen pH falls. The greater the fall and the longer low pH conditions remain, the more severe the consequences are on rumen health and…

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Why do cows prefer to be cool?

Dairy cows are homeothermic animals and need to maintain a constant body temperature of around 38.6֯C (+/- 0.5֯C) for efficient metabolism.  To maintain this temperature, the heat generated from normal…

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Fertility…Boom or Bust?

Does enhanced fertility really drive farm profit or is it a poison chalice? For such a long time now fertility improvement has been high on the agenda of most UK and undoubtedly most global dairy herds. Reality says that in general, fertility is still a major challenge with UK average pregnancy rate still at a miserable 14%.

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