Supporting Fats at Grass

Sub-clinical and clinical acidosis occurs as rumen pH falls. The greater the fall and the longer low pH conditions remain, the more severe the consequences are on rumen health and…

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Is reseeding worthwhile?

Reseeding is not a cheap exercise. If you add up the costs of spraying off the old ley , ploughing, cultivations, seed and drilling and it is easy to reach…

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Soil health and drainage

Being British and involved in farming means that we are genetically pre-disposed to include the following in the first two sentences of a conversation with anyone that we haven’t spoken to in the last week; How quickly the year has gone and the weather! The start of the tail end of the year and the inevitable run towards Christmas, as I write this it is peeing it down outside, which of course means I have to lament about how dry it has been, and no doubt impart words of wisdom which will be completely irrelevant by the time that this lands on your kitchen table. The thing this does illustrate is the growing need for flexibility.

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