Cattle feed, animal feed and animal nutrition

When silage fields are shut up as grass starts to get away from the cattle after the first round of grazing, a focus on making quality silage is very apparent.

Feed rations are all mixed on farm with forages the backbone of the diet, straights are used in large volumes including distillers, cereal grains, stock feed and fibre from chopped straw as well as grass and maize silage. This is to control costs but this doesn’t suit all systems.

Animal feed and production tips

  • Know your cost of production and the market you are selling to.
  • Create a product that is right for your market, to suit spec but not to an excess.
  • Focus on forage, grazed and conserved, as it’s the cheapest source of animal nutrition on farm.
  • Simplicity is king to control cost and eliminate variables.
  • Consider all decisions made on your farm very carefully from siting a building to major changes in direction.
  • Attention to detail is key.

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