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I just thought I would take this opportunity to keep you all updated with a snap shot of some of the new products that are now available.


Have you ever found milk protein levels coming under pressure during the summer months?  Does your milk contract dictate a minimum milk protein percentage before penalties are incurred?  Have you ever felt that your cows weren’t reaching their full potential?  Have you often felt that your girls may benefit from a little extra support?  If so, perhaps METAGOLD is the product for your herd!

METAGOLD has been specifically designed for feeding to milking cows to improve milk protein levels and overall cow performance.  It provides a highly digestible, high-quality source of protein (including bypass) allowing the protein requirements of our modern dairy cows to be met.  The high DUP level enables the cow to maximise milk production whilst avoiding overloading the rumen with excess nitrogen.

METAGOLD contains an ester of the analogue of methionine – an essential amino acid – Metasmart.  It delivers two modes of action in the dairy cow: 50% is bioavailable (absorbed across the rumen wall to provide the supplementary methionine necessary to optimise milk protein synthesis and metabolic health and rumen activation) and the other 50% is hydrolysed in the rumen to the analogue of methionine. The analogue has been shown to have a positive effect on rumen fermentation increasing the energy contribution of feeds and the microbial protein supply.

METAGOLD contains our high-specification vitamins, minerals (including Availa Minerals*) and trace elements to promote health and increase immunity as well as providing some heat stress protection and increased buffering capacity through the inclusion of sodium bicarbonate.

METAGOLD is currently available in 16% and 18% CP.

*Availa Performance Minerals form a unique complex of a single metal and single amino acid to improve bioavailability to the animal and enable efficient uptake of essential minerals.

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Do you know the protein level in your grazing swards?  Are your cows able to effectively utilise all that protein?  Do you ever find cows losing condition at grass, hikes in milk urea or perhaps fertility taking a bit of a dip?

A specifically formulated, well-balanced range has been developed to provide the perfect complement to milking cows at grass.  This product is particularly well suited to cows that receive a large proportion of fresh grass in their diet as GRAZEPRO contains a product that will enhance protein efficiency (given the high-protein situations often observed at fresh grass), improving milk production.

Lush, leafy grass can often have a high crude protein content (more than 24%) and this is mainly in the form of rumen degradable protein (RDP).  Rumen microbes are unable to utilise this much protein from high grass intakes, particularly if there is a shortage of fermentable energy available to them, and so excess RDP is broken down into ammonia in the rumen, and then absorbed into the blood stream and converted (deaminated, requiring energy from the cow) to urea in the liver.  Elevated blood urea nitrogen levels can increase milk urea, reduce body condition score and fertility, and negatively impact hoof health.

GRAZEPRO contains Actifor Pro, a special combination of tannins, essential oils and spice extracts, which contribute to naturally improved protein utilisation and improved fibre degradation.

Four key benefits of using Actifor Pro

The products currently available in the Graze Pro range are:
For more information on any of these products or to discuss a product solution tailor-made for your cows and farming system, please don’t hesitate to call.

Matt Rance

Whilst Matt is the technical manager of our forage services team he is also part of our ruminant technical team. Matt’s background is in dairy consultancy and practical farm management, and he joins our team to help us provide our customers with a holistic approach to feeding livestock by bringing together nutrition and innovative grassland management.