Dutchy tour

Cann’s Corner.
Sarah Cann

In December we invited some of Duchy College Level 3 Agricultural students to spend the day with us. We did a tour of the mill to see how the products are made and how everything functions to make the mill run smoothly and efficiently. The students then had a couple of presentations one by myself, talking to them about my experiences as an ex-dutchy student and their options to employment after completing their course. I also talked about myself and Kirin’s job role at Crediton Milling and how good management is key to successful farms.

Matt then did a talk about Brexit and the positive or negative effects it may have especially on the younger generation …. I can assure you this got some students talking and wasn’t as boring as it sounds! We then had a tour of the Crediton Dairy Factory and listened to Phil Cork tell us a bit about the Dairy. Of course, we had a cheeky sample of there delicious milkshakes too! A brilliant day had by all.

We are always happy to have groups come and have a look around the mill if you’re interested don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Locomotion scoring

One of the services Kyrin and myself provide on-farm is Locomotion Scoring.

We score the cows on a 1-5 scale and advise to trim score 3 and 4 cows. (this is easily converted into the 0-3 scale). The difference between a score 3 and 4 cows is that score 3 we can’t tell which foot the cow is lame on but score 4 we can.

Score 3 is prevention trimming, a score 3 is losing a minimum of 4.1% milk production per day which may not seem a lot but on a 35L cow that’s 1.5L lost a day just in milk production, 547.5L in a 365-day period. Furthermore, if that cow isn’t trimmed and she becomes a score 4 cow is 9.3% milk lost then score 5 15.2%. That isn’t including the huge knock-on effect lameness causes on fertility, extra labour, lost body condition, treatment costs and increased culling.

Locomotion scoring

To improve your farm’s lameness the most important group of cows to decrease lameness to start with is the Dry cow group practically the close-ups. The aim is to have 0 lameness in the close-up group with the knock-on effect lameness has in this period with calving down, decreased milk production, lower intakes, lower peaks and struggling to get them back in calve. Think of your cows as aeroplanes, they need a good take off and landing to create a good journey. A good aim on the milking herd is to have an average locomotion score percentage of 1.9 %.

If you would like your herd scored or are interested in condition scoring than please give Kyrin or me a shout.