Fifty years of Fixed Formulations

As a progressive business we would love to be introducing this as a new idea but the truth is that this has been one of the cornerstones of our business since the beginning.

The advantages of this approach should be logical, when you have found a ration that works it is important that it stays the same. Consistency is key when it comes to performance of livestock, changes require time for the animal to adapt and consequently will affect output. Our customers are reassured to know that the last load they had is the same as the first.

Crediton Milling

As a family owned and run business, we are in the fortunate position to have one of the last independently owned mills in the South West. This enables us to meet the best of both worlds.

Large enough that we don’t have to rely on others to manufacture our compound feeds, ensuring we have complete control of the process, the standards applied and the freedom to make as many bespoke rations as our customers require. Not so large that formulations and raw material purchases are done remotely, effecting the recipes of our finished products.

As a customer of CMC you get the reassurance of consistency, with the flexibility of choice at a competitive price.

An excerpt from a brochure, fifty years ago:-