Free range eggs at Clayewater Farms in Devon

Clayewater Farms poultry farm

It’s great to see such fantastic results from long-standing customer, Clayewater Farms. Anya, 3rd generation in the family business, followed in her family’s footsteps in the poultry world when she welcomed her first flock of 16,000 hens last December.

Anya says:

It’s been a while since I posted, Nearly 8 months in and it is flying by! Still feels so unreal having 16,000 hens to take care of but I am loving every minute of it, The girls are still producing at 96% at 45 weeks old 😍 thanks to my family and everyone for all your continued help and support, Here’s to the future 👌🏻 Vencomatic Poultry Crediton Milling Company Jack Savage William White

Clayewater Farms is a family run business, Supplying award winning quality Free Range Eggs.


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