Importance of reducing Lameness ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’

The focus team are RoMS accredited and can help farmers monitor lameness in their herds. Monitoring lameness is a key proactive tool helping to identify cows before they go severely lame.

The RoMS (Register of mobility scorers) is an independent, self-regulatory body which encourages the widespread of independent mobility scoring conducted by trained and accredited scorers on UK dairy farms. The aim of RoMS is to improve the mobility of the UK national dairy herd by providing quality and accurate data for farmers.

There is a need to measure lameness on individual farms to increase awareness and to be able to manage it successfully.

Benefits of mobility scoring:

  • Recognise early signs of poor mobility helping to prompt preventative foot trimming and action lists.
  • Provide figures to bench mark performance
  • Increase awareness of cow foot health
  • Motivate farm staff to improve herd mobility and overall herd health

Importance of reducing lameness:

  • Poor Welfare
  • Dry matter intake
  • Fertility – better signs of showing heat
  • Improve morale
  • Industry image
  • Increase Yield
  • Reduce treatment costs
reducing lameness in cattle
Ed Dennis

“We have been using Kyrin from CMC to carry out our locomotion, Body condition and cleanliness scoring etc for a few years now, initially to fulfil the requirements of our Arla 360 milk contract, but also now to help select cows for routine foot trimming.
The biggest benefit for us I would say is having someone able to carry out the task in an organised manner, quickly and efficiently which means the task is always completed every quarter without fail, and importantly by the same person each time.”

Ed Dennis
North Park Farm

“We have been using Crediton Milling locomotion and Body Conditioning service since 2012, we have had Kyrin Wiggins coming out regularly doing our scoring since 2016, this gives us great consistency in scoring as we have the same person scoring the whole time. We currently score every two months we find this very beneficial, as this helps to keep lameness in check. After a scoring we pick up all the cows with an AHDB score of 1 & 2 or under the Zinpro score 2 or 3 for a foot check. By doing this, it helps us to try and keep a low rate of lameness within the herd.”

Simon Reakes
Temple House Farm.

CMC Team

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