Lockdown Lectures

Since the lockdown began, the CMC poultry team have been involved in array of training sessions to utilise our time at home. One of the ways we have been doing this is videoing calling, it has been a great way to catch up with everyone and swot up on our poultry knowledge. It seems that even our Poultry Person of the World is embracing the education opportunities!

conference call

We have been involved in 12 sessions in the last 5 weeks!. Mostly these have been conducted by Ian Mackinson at Premier Nutrition. Subjects have included, premixes, layer diets, rearing, calcium nutrition and general feeding information for broilers, ducks, turkeys and quail. I have brushed up on my knowledge of diets and how to implement them on farm considering bird weight, egg size, production and age. With bird genetics changing all the time we have had some great discussions on how to keep on top of the feeding regimes. Every farm is different so regular phone calls and some limited visits have been key to maintaining good production on farm during this difficult time.

Other external companies have also provided us with some much needed escapism from the living room (or actual hard farm graft in Will’s world). This has included talks from Alltech on the use of acids in poultry and Mount Vets on the use of vaccines. Other talks have been given by Agrosom on the use of PIDOLin to help improve shell quality and Lallemand who gave a background to their business and their main products used for laying hens.

Whilst it has been frustrating not to be visiting customers as usual, the poultry team have put this lockdown time to good use. This lockdown has given the CMC team (not just poultry) a huge opportunity to embrace technology and gain access to specialists across the world. I know going forward there will be a lot more meetings done online with the inclusion of producers and trade. Amongst this training I have also been continuing my MSc in Poultry Science and recently completed a piece of coursework based on the CMC mill.

These training sessions will continue to grow going forward and hopefully we will be back to business as usual. I’m sure Russell’s newfound skills of using modern technology will stand him in good stead.

We hope you are all staying safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Matt Rance

Whilst Matt is the technical manager of our forage services team he is also part of our ruminant technical team. Matt’s background is in dairy consultancy and practical farm management, and he joins our team to help us provide our customers with a holistic approach to feeding livestock by bringing together nutrition and innovative grassland management.