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The 2nd lactation heifer- myth or reality?

How much pressure that puts on a second lactation animal?

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poultry and red mite

Tackling Red Mite

Red Mite has a dramatic effect on your birds’ performance.

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farm and family succession

Succession: Preparing for the possibility of the 6 D’s

Farm and family succession and what you must consider.

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cows in field

Feeding ground straw for greater rumen heath and development

The rumen in cattle is like a seesaw, as it constantly needs balancing to achieve the optimum performance. Like a seesaw, if the balance is …

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reducing lameness in cattle

Importance of reducing Lameness ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’

Monitoring lameness is a key tool to identify cows before they go lame.

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Market soars, but will milk prices hit 30p?

Analysing payment records of top milk processors in the South West

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