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calf in hay

Colostrum Management – ‘Are you doing enough?’

A newborn calf has no protective antibodies to fight disease or any health challenges. These can only be absorbed via colostrum, protecting the calf against disease for the first 8 weeks of life.

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farm fields

The Pandemic has not stopped the future farmers!

After teaching the first group we change the way we present the year.

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Feeding Ewes post lambing

Should I feed my ewe post lambing? A question that I regularly get asked. My reply is always, “yes definitely, would you expect a high yielding dairy cow to milk on hay?” and modern ewes are much the same.

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Milk urea – a useful tool?

Bulk tank milk ureas are a useful tool when used in conjunction with milk proteins, cow condition score and herd production. Urea is the animal’s way of removing excess nitrogen from the system.

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egg tray

How different factors influence egg size

Just over half of the eggs a hen lays over its lifetime will be classified as large or very large (weighing more than 63g) and retailers and shoppers have developed a taste for them in the past few years.

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egg production

Poultry Lockdown 2020

Helping farmers going into the new housing order with new ideas

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