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Crediton Milling delivery lorry

Old girls

With ever changing demands on safety, emissions and reliability, we have to keep our fleet evolving.

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egg shell quality

The importance of good gut health

Producers are looking for ways to improve efficiency of their businesses, especially with prices being squeezed. Egg numbers and shell quality are important factors to …

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cows and feed

Blinded by myths: Uncovering climate solutions within animal agriculture

Dr. Mitloehner looks at our industry’s contribution to climate change.

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calf in hay

Colostrum Management – ‘Are you doing enough?’

A newborn calf has no protective antibodies to fight disease or any health challenges. These can only be absorbed via colostrum, protecting the calf against disease for the first 8 weeks of life.

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farm fields

The Pandemic has not stopped the future farmers!

After teaching the first group we change the way we present the year.

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Feeding Ewes post lambing

Should I feed my ewe post lambing? A question that I regularly get asked. My reply is always, “yes definitely, would you expect a high yielding dairy cow to milk on hay?” and modern ewes are much the same.

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