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dairy cow

Fibre processing- unlocking the true potential.

A health rumen means a healthy and hopefully profitable animal.

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calf with cow

CMC – more than just feed!

Quality technical ruminant services on farm, improving herd health.

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row of cows being milked in farm

Crediton to top the milk price league table?

Improved milk prices for farmers in the South west

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cow in field

Controlling the controllables

We all love agriculture is that no two days, seasons or farms are the same.

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cows feeding

Is Dairy Beef Robbing the profit from your Dairy farm?

Consider both financial and physical costs of keeping dairy beef cattle.

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pre mowing and cows

Is pre-mowing a useful tool?

As the season progresses and conditions vary, good grass management becomes increasingly important and pre-mowing can be a useful method to rejuvenate a tired pasture. …

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