Old girls

Crediton Milling Lorry

Today we say goodbye to a few of the older girls on the fleet, all of which have served us well.

I know that you shouldn’t, but we do get a bit sentimental towards our fleet of delivery vehicles.

With ever changing demands on safety, emissions and reliability, we have to keep our fleet evolving. It is one of our key investment areas of the business. We aim to deliver feed to customers when they need it and not when we would like to deliver it which requires reliable delivery vehicles and a dedicated team of drivers.

All in all, the vehicles that are retiring today have amassed 6.5M kilometres between them which is broadly 8.5 times around the Moon and back or nearly 162 times around the World which is mind blowing. This is credit to both the drivers and our close friends at Crediton Commercials who look after and maintain the vehicles.

At the top of the list is our CV52 Volvo which was previously owned by one of our owner drivers Phil and is now nursed along by Andrew – she has amassed 1,806,179km and amazingly on only one set of tyres…. (we wish). This is even more impressive when you add on the amount of blowing that she has done which would probably add another 500,000 km’s.

It will be interesting to see if the newer vehicles are as robust and reliable over the next 20 years.
Farewell girls and thank you for your service.

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