Egg and Poultry Specialists

The poultry team at Crediton Milling holds over 40 years of experience within the industry.

Russell’s knowledge of poultry stems back over 25 years and he is a substantial poultry grower himself, with free range broilers on the farm in Devon. Will also has a flock of his own laying hens at home which supply Stonegate with Clarence Court eggs.

Will has extensive knowledge of the free range layer market. Whilst working closely with smaller producers he also has a broad knowledge of the multitier and flat deck units. He has helped set up many new sites and helped producers through the process.

Will is very knowledgeable of the control panels in these new systems and can be on hand to help with every step of the process. Harriet has extensive knowledge of shell quality and gut health, ultimately providing solutions to help improve efficiency on farm. Together as a team we want to help you get the best possible results from your flock.

Our team can use the many years of experience to work with you, to provide a specific tailored approach to your needs. We are keen to adapt quickly to any changes that may occur in the industry and will support you through these times.

We are passionate about the industry and strive to be the best.

The poultry team at Crediton Milling support producers with the best advice in order to get the most out of their flock. We are specialists in the free-range layer market but also supply bespoke rations for a range of poultry species – chicken, duck, quail, turkey and free-range broilers.

We supply the best quality raw materials possible, thus supporting optimum efficiency and performance on farm. All our rations are adaptable to suit several free-range production systems; multi-tier, flat deck, mobiles, and alternative systems such as colony cage and barn. We make all our feed according to customer requirements.

Every bird is different, so it is imperative to treat every farm separately and adjust feed according to bird weight, egg size, production, and other measurable targets. We are always looking at ways to improve and with our broad knowledge of the industry we can easily adapt to the ever-changing poultry market to support performance and efficiency.

It is imperative to keep a close eye on egg size. Once birds come in to lay, the team at Crediton Milling will weigh eggs on farm on a regular basis.

This is key to making sure birds are fed on the correct ration; eggs are required to reach a certain weight but changing rations according to egg size prevents this from getting out of control.

Generally, gradings that come back from the packers are delayed by a couple of weeks, therefore, it is important to keep ahead of the game!

Similar to keeping on top of egg size, it is also essential to manage bird weight.

Harriet, Will and Russell are on hand to help during pullet unloads.

These birds will be weighed as they come on to farm to check weight and evenness. Birds will then continue to be weighed every week to ten days, up until the birds are roughly 25 weeks.

Birds will be fed accord to their body weight, so this is a very important part of the process. Egg and bird size are directly correlated. Therefore, if a large egg is required then birds must be up to weight target before coming in to lay.

This is also related to light and feeding management of which the team at CMC can assist. As a result, whole farm management is key to the success of the flock.

The team at CMC are dedicated to the success of your farm and business.

With extensive knowledge of the poultry industry we want to support your farm through all ways possible. We suggest that pullets are visited at 6 weeks and 15 weeks old.

This is a very important part of the process and worth keeping a close eye on. We are therefore happy to visit pullets with our customers or go on your behalf.

Our poultry specialists will then be on hand to assist with pullet unloads and the careful management of bird and egg size throughout the flock. During each visit we are happy to advise on lighting and feeding times.

These must coincide with hen weights and to ensure correct egg size through to the end of the flock. The management of good water and air quality is also key to a successful flock and during routine visits we can help support you with any improvements that can be made. The mill is stocked with an array of different additives and products to suit your needs.

These range from products for gut health, to shell quality and to grit and oyster shell. Harriet has had previous experience in the additive market and is happy to advise on the best approach specific to each farms’ requirements. All the team at Crediton Milling work closely with the whole of the poultry industry.

We have close connections with vets, pullet rearers, breed representatives and packers. As a result, we can easily adapt to any changes in the market as we all work as a close knit team. We are always looking at ways to improve performance and efficiency through an ever-changing market – knowledge is king!

Crediton Milling is able to source a range of Organic diets according to your requirements.

Similar to our conventional feed, this also comes with an on farm service to help maximise the profitability and performance of your farm.

Also included in our range of bespoke diets is feed for pullets.

Our high-quality crumbs and pellets are designed to help birds get off to the best start. Rearing is vital to a good performing laying flock, so it is essential that pullets are fed on the best quality feed.

Chicks will be weighed by the team at CMC every week to ten days to ensure that birds are fed on the correct ration according to body weight.

Again, a whole farm and industry approach to farm management is used at this stage in the process. We like to involve the rest of the industry, where necessary, to ensure the best performance is achieved.

This will include working alongside breed representatives and vets.

Meet the team


Russell Crang

Russell is an important member of our management team and leads our poultry sector. His knowledge of poultry stems back over 25 years and he is a substantial poultry grower himself, on his farm at Black Dog. Free-range layers are a high percentage of his customer base, but he also has many meat producing customers and the knowledge and experience he brings to all of their enterprises is second to none. With his two sons now having grown up he enjoys spending time with his wife Alison. In his spare time he enjoys shooting, rugby and socialising with his friends.


Will White

Will is an integral part of our team as a Poultry Feed Specialist, with a broad knowledge of the feed industry. He has an industrious character who becomes deeply involved in his customers’ enterprises. He is also a free range egg producer in his own right; working with his Wife Millie to manage 9,000 Clarence Court hens on the home farm. Previously, he earned a Diploma in Nutrition from Harper Adams, spent 2 days a week for 6 months working at Blackdog Free Range eggs, passed his HGV test and has worked in the mill and warehouse. In his spare time Will enjoys shooting, point to points, squash, and spending time with his young family.

Harriet Smith

Harriet Smith

Harriet joined the poultry team at CMC as a Poultry Specialist in January 2020. She was brought up on the family farm in Berkeley, Gloucestershire and has since graduated with a degree in Agriculture from the Royal Agricultural University. Harriet is currently studying for an MSc in Poultry Science alongside her role at Crediton Milling. Post university, Harriet started her career in Agricultural Recruitment, specialising in the poultry sector. This then led to her progressing into the animal health and nutrition sector with Alltech. Harriet has worked closely with layer producers all over the UK, supporting them in any challenges they may face from production to shell quality. Harriet has a passion for agriculture and in particular poultry. She is keen to help and support producers through each flock. She will be on hand to assist with any farm enquiries and how to get the best from your flock. Harriet and her family live in Gloucestershire. She enjoys hunting with the Berkeley and other countryside pursuits!