Crediton Milling – providing the key ingredients for great production

We specialise in Free Range feeds.

Our Fordton Mill produces conventional feeds for all your poultry requirements. We have a range of products to suit your needs whether you feed poultry for eggs or meat. Our mill is classed as a “clean mill’ which means we use no growth promoters, antibiotics or therapeutic medication.

Our specialists can recommend and advise on a variety of feeds, available in mash, pellet or crumb form. All of our diets are individually tailored to suit your farm.

Production of good quality livestock

In the poultry industry the outcome that we are all striving to achieve is the production of good quality livestock which meets our customers’ requirements.

That’s why, at Crediton Milling, we use the experience of our staff to help our customers get optimum results using the quality feeds that we supply.

Working together, on this basis, helps to create that all important bond between customers and our staff, enabling both to move forward in a cost effective and proactive way.

Balanced Nutrients

Our diverse feeds and formulations contain all the correct balanced nutrients to help maximise the potential of your birds.

Husbandry as well as good poultry rearing is key and goes a long way to get the optimum performance from each new flock of birds. Attention to detail and commitment are the key factors to your flock’s success.

Our feed specialists advise on the correct feed and rations and help with health issues to suggest when veterinary attention is necessary. We help to achieve the best results using our products, knowledge and experience.

The Poultry Team for egg and poultry feed advice


Russell Crang

Russell is an important member of our management team and leads our poultry sector. His knowledge of poultry stems back over 25 years and he is a substantial poultry grower himself, on his farm at Black Dog.


T: 07971123981

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Will White

Will is an integral part of our team with a broad knowledge of the feed industry.
He has earned a Diploma in Nutrition from Harper Adams, spent 2 days a week for 6 months working at Blackdog Free Range eggs, passed his HGV test and has worked in the mill and warehouse.


T: 07545 504138

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Harriet Smith

Harriet Smith

Harriet was brought up on the family farm in Berkeley, Gloucestershire and has since graduated with a degree in Agriculture from the Royal Agricultural University.


T:07711 780858

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