Product development

Our technical team has been busy over the last 6 months with the identification, development, testing and launch of several new products which all have proven to be very successful on farm. We have already touched on the Whole Grain Course Calf, but what else have we been up to?


We are all aware of the problem of digital dermatitis in dairy herds, however we tend to forget that 1 in 4 heifers actually have DD by the time they enter the milking herd.

This product is a purpose designed complimentary youngstock feed containing Avalia-Plus.

Availa-Plus is a completely new approach to foot care – it starts with promoting good health in your growing heifers. A unique combination of protected amino acid complexes protects your cattle against diseases such as Digital Dermatitis. This works from the inside out by boosting the animal’s immune system making them less susceptible to infection, creating a healthier, more productive animal. This product has been 10 years in development, and has numerous peer reviewed papers showing its efficacy.
Soil health.

On the soil health front we have launched 2 new products in conjunction with our partners in the industry. These complement the existing range of soil enhancing products we currently have available.


A Soil conditioner, designed and manufactured in the UK. This product is designed to help improve soil conditions and feed soil bacteria, ensuring that you can get more out of what you already have.

A small amount of high quality Nitrogen and Sulphur on a reactive calcium and seaweed base, provides the core to this product, which is further enhanced with the inclusion of Bacteria Available Sugars and Humic and Fulvic acids, as well as a trace element pack specifically designed for South West soil conditions.


An organic approved Soil inoculant and conditioner. This product is unique and a completely new concept in soil management.

This is a natural product that contains extremely high levels of Humic and Fulvic acids as well as added selected Nitrogen fixing and phosphate releasing bacteria.

This product is particularly suited to low input ground both Grassland and Arable, and trials have shown very impressive results on this basis.

For more information about these and other New Developments please give us a call.