Roundup of recent articles

We touched on lots of diverse subjects on Facebook so far this month, here are some examples from our Facebook page:

Robyn Moyse sent us a great photo of Penny the Labrador rocking her CMC hat – it’s a great look.

It was #WorldMilkDay recently so good wishes to all the dairy farmers. We raised a nice big, cold glass of milk to you all as you #feedthenation.

Surprisingly, we told you all that cows have nearly 360 degree vision, with the only blind spot directly behind them. This is why they shift their head back and forth when they walk – always checking to see what is to the rear.

It was great to be out seeing our customers in such beautiful weather 🐓🌞 (social distancing rules adhered to of course!).

Can’t beat a morning of scoring cows when the sun shines like this East Stibbs Farm, Stibbs Cross.

And this from May 2020, great photo so felt we had to include it in the June article!

At home on the farm. While unable to get out to our customers farms, Sarah Cann and her dad, John, have been busy helping out on the family farm. Not often you see two older Valtras in the same Feild! Share your silaging photos with us, we have a feeling it’s going to be a busy bank holiday weekend!

CMC Team

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