Sheep farming in Devon

Today we revisit an article written by Andrew at Crediton Milling back in 2016 about sheep farming in Devon and the South West. 

Sheep farming in Devon and the wider South West area is evolving and is an exciting part of UK agriculture. Sheep farmers are finding that they need to look at new ideas and innovations to stay ahead of a rapidly changing market. As part of Crediton Milling’s business we are keen to offer sheep farmers a positive and progressive service.

In recent years, Crediton Milling has taken steps to improve our business offering in the Beef and Sheep sector of the agriculture industry.

Our services are aimed at sheep farmers looking to improve the profitability of their flock. In the past, our farmer meetings have discussed and offered help and advice on:

Flock management
Targeting improving genetic strength of the flock, with a direct relation to improving numbers and survivability of lambs.

Trouble shooting
Advice with common things people have problems with at birth and in the first 6 weeks of life. This part of the session will be held as an open forum where people can cover everything from disease problems, to the best way to grow your lambs.