Sheep farming in the South West

Sheep farming in the South West is an ever evolving and exciting part of UK agriculture. Sheep farmers are having to look to new ideas and innovations to stay ahead of a changing market. As part of Crediton Milling’s business we are keen to offer sheep farmers a positive and progressive service.

Crediton Milling are pleased to introduce Peers Davis of Pro Ovine, who will be working with us to further improve our sheep offering.

In the last year Crediton Milling has taken a number of steps to improve our business offering in the Beef and Sheep sector of the agriculture industry. In 2016 we approached Peers to work with us to look at what our business has to offer our sheep farming customers.

Peers is a nationally renowned sheep consultant vet working with all areas of the ovine industry. He started practice in Devon at beginning of his career and then moved on to set up Pro Ovine.

Pro Ovine offer advice and services to sheep farmers up and down the country with a strong focus on a whole flock approach, looking at recording methods, flock genetic improvements, feed diets, disease management, flock production and troubleshooting on a daily basis.

Crediton milling will be holding a farmer meeting on Friday the 17th of February at Quicks farm Willand Near Cullumpton.

This will be aimed at sheep farmers looking to improve the profitability of their flock. Peers will be discussing:-

  • Flock management, targeting improving genetic strength of the flock, with a direct relation to improving numbers and survivability of lambs.
  • Trouble shooting common things people have problems with at birth and in the first 6 weeks of life. This part of the session will be held as an open forum where people can cover everything from disease problems, to the best way to grow your lambs.

If you would like to attend please call the office to book your place.