Silage Quality This Winter

As the majority of herds are partially housing cows and buffering quite heavily, we have had the opportunity to open clamps and hopefully come up with a plan for the winter. Many of you will have probably cast your eye across the silage results that have been printed in the national press over the last few months and even had a chance to sit down and compare your silages to the published figures.

So what are the headlines, well silage, on the whole, is better than last year, not really a massive surprise as in most cases we have cut earlier, in better conditions and had less carryover of dead material in the bottom of fields to cause us problems. So that’s fine then.

Well, I thought we ought to have a closer look at regional results as basing our recommendations from silage in Scotland and Cheshire is probably not the best way of getting a feel for how our silage is going to feed this winter.