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It’s getting close to that time of year again when silaging will rapidly be upon us so thoughts will turn to “shall I use an additive” “do they work” “which one should I use” “I’ll use it on wholecrop and maize but not grass” etc. etc. etc. From my point of view additive should be used on ALL conserved forages simply because we spend all this time and effort to try and make the best we possibly can only to accept we may incur up to 15% losses, this for example would mean on a 100 acres of silage we are happy to have 15 acres of this as waste?? It costs a vast amount of money to grow and conserve these crops £1.34 a tonne as an insurance policy seems a good idea to me. I will however add a caveat to that, using additives will not help poor clamp management practices as there is no silver bullet (there never is)

SiloSolve FC consistently produces silage preferred by dairy cows. SiloSolve FC promotes rapid, controlled fermentation and ensures that dry matter and nutrients from the field are preserved and available for your cows.

It is a unique, dual-action inoculant that improves aerobic stability and at the same time improves dry matter recovery over a broad range of dry matter and forages. While SiloSolve® FC increased aerobic stability up to 30 days in university trials, dry matter recovery across crops was improved an average of 3.5% points compared to untreated silages.

So, treating silage with SiloSolve FC will…

  • Improve the feeding value of silage
  • Lower dry matter losses
  • Improve aerobic stability
  • Enable early feed out
  • Create cool, highly palatable forages

The additive is ideal to be used on many crops not just grass silage and is particularly good at treating wholecrop cereals at double rate and normal rate on maize

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