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Cattle Feed Info

Typical Liveweight Gains
Intensive System
Ad-Lib & Straw
Traditional System
5 kg & Good Forage
Intensive Beef 1.72 kg/day 1.53 kg/day
Stockrite 1.34 kg/day 1.13 kg/day
Gains from Silage

Maize silage is worth 0.1 kg/day more than Grass silage but has lower protein and will require the higher protein concentrate.

NOTE: Wholecrop silage is lower in both energy and protein and must be supplemented with concentrate.


Measure value in terms of feed performance, not feed price. Using the traditional system example above, work out the value you are adding to your cattle daily by subtracting the cost of 5 kgs of feed and the cost of your forage from the market liveweight price. Feed a concentrate system that puts on lean meat fast at a profit.

Example Feed Plans
Barley 7.5 kg Beef finisher Nuts 9 kg
Protein Conc. 1.3 kg Access to clean straw
Access to clean straw  
Age in months 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36
14 & 16 CP
Feed up to 8kg/hd/day from 3 months onwards
Suitable for suckler cows/beef stores/
replacement heifers in addition to forage
Intensive Beef
14 & 16 CP
Intensive Beef Systems – Ad lib basis
Traditional system – up to 8 kgs/hd/day in
addition to other forages
For feeding to lactating dairy cattle
and suckler cows
Beefrite 40%
For mixing with cereals up to 25% inclusion

Published: Thursday, 09 Mar 2023