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Sheep Feed Info

Example Feed Plans
 Hay1kg Silage3.6kg
 Ewe Nuts0.7kg Ewe nuts0.6kg
Lactating Ewes (first month Lactation
 Hay1kg Silage5.5kg
 Ewe Nuts1.4kg Ewe nuts1.4kg
Intensively Reared Lambs
 Lamb finisher pellets 1.3kg
 Access to clean straw  
Ewe 16/18% CP
Premier Ewe 18% CP
Feed up to 1kg pre lactating in addition to forage. Post lambing – feed according to availability and quality of forage and the number of lambs suckling up to a maximum of 2kgs/head/day
Lamb Creep
Pellets 18% CP
Feed from 7 days old to finish ad lib in addition to forage. Fresh water should always be made available
Lamb Finisher
16% CP
Designed for feeding ad-lib to store lambs.
Clean water must be available
Concentrate 35% CP
For mixing with cereals up to 20% inclusion.

Published: Thursday, 09 Mar 2023