Gary Pulsford

Gary has been a renowned feed specialist since the late 90’s. Well known through Somerset and surrounding areas he is well regarded not only for his knowledge but also the positive attitude and cheery demeanour he brings on every farm visit.

He has been immersed in farming all of his life, growing up on the families mixed dairy, arable and beef farm which they still run today. More recently the emphasis has been firmly on dairy having recently installed robotic milkers.
After agricultural college and working on the family farm Gary started up his own business hauling mainly grain and straights in and out of farms, docks and mills. Unfortunately, he lost his HGV licence at the age of 29 when diagnosed with diabetes. He then sold the business and had a change of direction and hasn’t looked back, starting his feed sales career with a local merchant before moving to a national feed compounder before joining our team. He has array of customers whom he considers to be good friends. Gary not only brings practical farm knowledge on his visits but he has also spent many weeks at Liverpool University ensuring that he has the theoretical knowledge too. Gary has the advantage and understanding you get of seeing the industry from both sides of the fence. The family farm is always ready to trial new ideas and products and this gives him the ability to be innovative and trial any new ideas with his colleagues.
Garys spare time sees him enjoy skittles, watching his son Ashley race at Autograss meetings throughout the UK and collecting old tractors. Alongside his daughter Gemma they restore and show the tractors and currently have thirty five!
Gary and his wife Maria are currently building a new family home. Gary says that this project will probably turn him grey but he would like it on record that he doesn’t colour his hair. (Maria is a hair dresser though and his hair is still very dark still).