Joe Banks

Joe joined with six varied years experience in the industry. In his career so far, he has worked in the retail, fertiliser and feed sectors of agriculture. He believes this gives him a unique outlook on farm.

Joe’s biggest passion is for Beef and Sheep and he is continually developing his already extensive knowledge in this area. He believes in the power of grass and thinks it is one of the biggest undervalued resources on farm. He also sees that the younger generation are the future of our Industry and is very enthusiastic when engaging with the youth of farming in the UK. Joe thinks that customers are the priority and puts service first. Looking to work closely with all who deal with him. His aims are to help improve their farming business, to guide them where possible to maximise profitability and utilise as much of their on farm resources as possible. This, he believes, leads to building a sustainable business and for him, a strong relationship with his customers.
During the winter Joe is often found out working his dogs and lining up on a peg. But when the days get warmer he likes to get out and enjoy the countryside astride his trusty mountain bike.