Pete Davis


Pete Davis joined as our first ruminant nutritionist and the original member of the CMC technical team. He combines managing key accounts with a holistic role for the ruminant team.

He works closely with chosen partners to continually improve our technical offering and develop new products and ideas for our team to utilise.

Pete looks after a number of herds throughout the Southwest. His day-to-day diary can vary from advising customers on extensive grazing to intensive high yielding dairy systems. He is a specialist in on-farm trouble shooting of particularly health, fertility and performance-orientated problems.
 This has led to him advising some of the most prestigious herds in the UK including Gold Cup, National Holstein and European Dairy Event-winning herds and animals.

Fundamentally though, Pete takes pride in working with any size business and helping them to achieve their goals.
Brought up on a large dairy, arable and beef unit in Hertfordshire, he has 30 years of experience, including managing dairy herds and farms across the country from Middlesex to Yorkshire.
Nutritional and Management Consultancy has dominated the last 16 years, which also included running a large animal vet practice.
“To me this job is exciting every day.

There are so many ways to do the same job and fortunately no blue print that says everyone needs to be the same. I believe it is all about the bigger picture, a jigsaw if you like that will only make sense when all of the pieces are in the right place. If you have the right people working with you, then that puzzle can become the most rewarding, satisfying, exciting and profitable farm business that you could ever imagine.”
On a personal note, Pete is extremely competitive and so will do his utmost to succeed at whatever he does. For 15 years he competed at sidecar motocross and is very proud of the fact that during that time he was fortunate to achieve a childhood dream by representing Great Britain in the European Championships for 4 years.