Thank you

Thank you to Les and Gareth Tape, Hardisworthy Farm, Hartland and the Lely centre, Holsworthy for an excellent and informative day illustrating their state of the art dairying facility on June 16th.

The day was well attended and provided much food for thought for the many farmers that attended.

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After a lot of planning and research, the Tape family at Hardisworthy saw their cows moving into a new barn in August 2014 complete with slatted floors, underground slurry storage, Lely Astronaut A4 robotic milking system, plus internal and external feed fences. A far cry from the existing 12/12 herringbone and out grown system.

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The Tape family have been at Hardisworthy farm for 4 generations with Les’s grandfather originally purchasing the 50 acre farm in 1930. The dairy farm has now grown to 170 acres with 112 pedigree Holstein cows and 80 followers producing 36kg, milking 3.4 times a day.

Cows are housed all year round in a purpose built well ventilated building with controlled lighting and a fantastic handling facility. Everything has been designed with maximum cow comfort and health in mind, plus a bit of Lely automation with the Discovery mobile barn cleaner and Juno automatic feed pusher.


Les and Gareth the technology has been life changing for both them and the cows. “Only last month we noticed how much extra time we had during silage making as the cows were milking at their leisure.” says Gareth.