The Dairy Sheep and Goat sector

The Dairy industry in this country has for several years had a silent partner, the Dairy Sheep and Goat sector. This silent partner made a bit of noise in the latter end of January.

The first ever Dairy Sheep and Goat conference was held just South of Bristol on the 26th & 27th of January. The conference was set up by Friarsmoor vets (part of XL vets group) and chaired by Anthony Wilkinson and Yoav Alony Gilboa.

The list of speakers included Dairy consultant from Israel, Haim Leibovish, Chairman of the British Dairy sheep society Matt Van Der Borgh, Chairman of the Goat Veterinary Society David Harwood to name a few.

The conference covered many different areas: genetics, health issues, marketing, artificial rearing, managing animal nutrition, increasing production and profit through data recording and breeding.

There were many interesting points raised and addressed in the two days, with genetics and data collection being some of the most pertinent to increasing production.

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