The Footes, investing for the Future

Investing for the Future
Congratulations to the Foote Family at Chynoweth Farm, St Allen, Truro in commissioning their 3rd Delaval robotic milking unit. This investment following an earlier installation of 2 Delaval Robots last year.
The Foote family have been farming at Chynoweth for over 18 years, farming some 472 acres of mixed crops and grassland. Within this acreage the farm grows 110 acres of maize for silage and 62 of Lucerne. This food being used for the farm’s dairy herd as well as it’s dairy heifer rearing enterprise amassing to more than 470 head in total.
Currently the business has a milking herd 260 Holstein Fresian cows, yielding 8900 litres at 4.15% Butter Fat and 3.41% Protein, recorded by “Kingshay Dairy Manager” costing service. Lately the farm has focused on increasing milk production without seeing the usual corresponding increase in feed rate. Over the last 12 months, the herd has produced an extra 400 litres more milk per cow whilst reducing purchased feed costs by some £200 per cow, making more milk from home grown forage.

Robert & James Foote in front of their new Delaval Robotic milking machine
Robert & James Foote in front of their new Delaval Robotic milking machine

With Steve Chapman providing the nutrition advice alongside Mike Allen who looks after the grassland management we are proud to be associated with the Foote family and look forward to working with them and making the most of their new Robotic milking facilities.