Williams Farm Visit

Lely RobotIt was back in April when I spoke to Rosie from Mole Avon to arrange the food and discuss the best way forward for the Open Day at the Williams farm at Axminster. I knew it would be a good event, having seen the new green field dairy unit being built, and with all the extensive work being carried  out underground. Visiting again in February this year when all the work was complete, in addition to the four Lely milking robots, there were other robots working on the unit doing jobs like pushing in the silage and scraping down the slats. It was very impressive, and I was a little worried as to when a robot would be invented to replace salesmen!!!

The numbers for the food arrangements were discussed with Rosie, and initially we were looking at around 50 to 70. It wasn’t long before numbers were increased to 100 /150 then 250. However, we finally decided to cater for 300 plus.  The day was a huge success, with various attractions from many different traders including a forage demonstration, and fortunately the rain held off.

Lely RobotI spoke to my sales colleague Robin Wale who had been looking after the Williams dairy herd for many years and this is what he had to say….”What great pride and joy I felt at the Williams family Open Day. Having looked after their business since 1986, I have watched them move the business on from the abreast parlour to the Herringbone, and now the new green field site complex, complete with the 4 robots, which I am sure you will all agree is very impressive. This was always going to be successful, as they have always applied themselves throughout their farming careers to do things right. Well done, and I look forward to seeing 12000lts/cow on the costings April 1st 2015”

We would like to thank the Williams family for a wonderful day, Mole Avon for the huge effort they have made in organising it, and to the near 300 people who turned up. Thankyou!

Trevor Bedford – Ruminant Specialist, Devon & Gloucester
M 07971 123982