Young people in the animal feed industry

As a business we are always keen to encourage young people in to the industry. Emily Rowe is just getting ready to do her GCSE’s and with her father being David Rowe, the foot trimmer and a good friend of ours, she is no stranger to dairy cows.  However, she maybe looks at things from a slightly different angle and as such I thought it would be interesting to see what a young lady just starting to understand the pressures of dairy farming thought of one of our farm workshops. Here is her account.

On the 30th of March I went to a farm talk in Shepton Mallet with Pete Davis. We covered silage, grass and soil management and how to avoid a drop in butterfat levels. The bit I found most interesting about the day was when we were discussing silage – we went over lots of things.

We talked about how having lots of acid in your silage is bad for your cows and even though silage may look good on paper it’s what it does to your cows that really matters. We also went over how making good silage means you need it to be tightly packed so less oxygen can circulate, meaning that the bacteria won’t have oxygen to make new harmful organisms.

Going with Pete that day really showed me how much time and effort goes into the farm talks, how beneficial these talks are and how they really are worth going along to.