Zinpro Performance Minerals

Zinpro Performance Minerals – Complexed Trace Minerals “Performance for Profit”

Jonathan Huxtable

Zinpro UK and Ireland Ruminant Sales Manager

2018 marks the sixth anniversary the Zinpro Corporation and Crediton Milling have collaborated in offering dairy producers in the South West of England mineral nutrition that performs.

Availa®Mins have repeatedly been shown to improve the immunity of animals, resulting in improved mammary health, enhanced fertility rates, reduced lameness and feed efficiency allowing producers to benefit from greater feed efficiency.

Small complex, big results!

As we know, high yielding dairy cows have increased metabolic pressure to maintain peak yields and get back in calf. Typically, energy and protein are the main focus and seen as the first limiting factors of nutrition, which of course is true…holistically water, vitamins and minerals also have a critical role for optimal performance, health and longevity. In recent years, Crediton Milling have addressed the additional nutritional needs of dairy cows through bypass protein sources and high energy fat supplements, to compliment this approach we also recommend the use the most advanced trace mineral technology to meet the needs of the modern dairy cows genetic potential.

In a summary of 20 peer reviewed and published research papers and condensed into a meta analysis that was published in the Journal of Dairy Science, Availa®Mins offered the following improvements:

  • 0.9kg/day more milk
  • 13 days less open
  • 30% less hoof lesions
  • 15% reduction of Somatic Cell Counts

This approach to reviewing trial results gets beyond individual studies specific designs and gives a response average regardless of feeding system. With a current milk price, the return on investment consistently calculates out as a 10 to 1; that’s £15,000 more profit for every 100 cows/year.

Sounds too good to be true? Take the challenge and ask your local CMC feed specialist to come and prove it!

Availa®Mins are the only proven performance mineral with a 10:1 Return on Investment