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Colin Gravatt

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Colin Gravatt

poultry specialist

Colin joined the CMC team in January 2024. The UK poultry industry is predominantly family-run companies and so the connection to a family-run milling business really appealed. Colin, originated from a diverse family farm in the North Island of New Zealand, where his enduring passion for farming and agriculture took root. Colin pursued his education at Massey University and subsequently embarked on a career as a shearing and fencing contractor. Following which he relocated to the UK in 1988, where his passion for agriculture led him to working in a poultry and ruminant mill in the South West. From here began his 30 plus years career in the poultry industry.

At his core, Colin is a livestock farmer and has an undeniable passion for agriculture, which can be seen when visiting poultry farmers’ units. He believes that by offering support, guidance, and encouragement, he can contribute to the success of farmers, their families, and their businesses. Notably, Colin was a finalist for Farmers Weekly Farm Adviser of the Year in 2016 and has been a dedicated contributor of the Bath and West Chicken and Egg programme for many years. Colin’s enthusiasm for farming and our industry is infectious!

Alongside that, colin loves sport, particularly rugby, where he played and coached in Somerset. He was also played a crucial part in the South West annual poultry cricket match. Colin enjoys socialising and always gets stuck in. Throughout his career (and life) he is widely known, and loved, for being a great team player.