Animal feed in Devon and beyond

Farming in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and the south west? Our team of animal feed specialists advise on cattle, sheep and poultry feed, manufactured and distributed throughout Devon and the west country.
Our specially developed range of animal feeds are nutritionally balanced to provide all the animal nutrition benefits necessary to keep your stock healthy and productive

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Our Feed Specialists at Crediton Milling are focused on helping to improve farm efficiency by helping Dairy Farmers continue the drive for higher yields.

Featured News & Events

Suckled Calves Sale

South Western Suckled Calf Association Event

We are looking forward to the second sale of Suckled Calves at the South Western Suckled Calf Association event on the 22 October. Our very own Sarah Cann and Joe Banks will be there to talk all things CMC.

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Farming and Agricultural shows Devon

Looking back over 2019

Devon Farming and Agricultural Shows are a great way to keep up to date with the latest farming and animal feed developments while also getting together with old friends and meeting new ones.

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News from the team

cows feeding silo

Supporting Fats at Grass

Sub-clinical and clinical acidosis occurs as rumen pH falls. The greater the fall and the longer low pH conditions remain, the more severe the consequences …

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poultry health

Ascaridia, Heterakis, Capillaria, Syngamus trachea, Gape worm

Worms pose a constant challenge to poultry, and this year has proved no different. The more common types of worm – Ascaridia, Heterakis, Capillaria, Syngamus …

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winter forage

Forage Quality This Winter

As the majority of herds are partially housing cows and buffering quite heavily, we have had the opportunity to open clamps and hopefully come up …

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