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John Cann

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John Cann

ruminant specialist

John brought his considerable dairy expertise to CMC in 2015, immediately becoming a key part of our ruminant technical team.

As well as being a dairy feed nutritionist, he also has a family run, robotic, dairy farm in Devon. John says this means he sees both sides of the fence.

I knew I wanted to be a farmer from a very young age and couldn’t wait to leave school to work on a large local dairy farm. I learnt a great deal and it made me even more determined to build my own farming business.

In 1995 after applying for many council farms, myself, and my wife Tracey, were successful with a 15 year tenancy for a 112 acre dairy farm in Tavistock. After 14 years, and no chance of extending our tenancy, we made the very hard decision to sell our 150 cows which enabled us to buy a small dairy farm in Highampton. Here we contract reared dairy replacements, and my ‘Sales Rep’ career began. In November 2013, we made the decision to restart our dairy farming business and began milking cows again – this time with a robot.

John has forged a considerable reputation and can always be relied upon to ‘say it how he sees it!’. In his spare time, John loves nothing more than farming with his lovely family.

John, along with Karen, is responsible for arranging, and providing, training for our brilliant sales team.

We always try to keep up-to-date with the latest R&D and technical developments to ensure that the support and advice we give our farming customers is relevant and forward-thinking.