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Silage and Slurry

Have you considered using a additives or inoculants in your forage or slurry? They can provide a host of benefits. Talk to our forage team to find out how they could work for your farm.

Silage Innoculants

Silage inoculants can be used on many crops, not just grass. They can be really beneficial in the maximising the potential of each of your forage harvests.

Silosolve FC, supplied by Forage Tech , is one of the most popular silage inoculants that we source for our customers. Silosolve FC can make your job easier and more profitable by assisting with:

  • Fresh, clean quality silage ready to feed within 7 days.
  • Healthier silage due to 98% reduction in spoilage organisms.
  • Proven to be tastier for the cow helping to increase intakes.
  • Increased milk production, Daily Liveweight Gain (DLG), healthier cows and less waste.
  • Suitable for grass silage, maize, wholecrop and bales.

Slurry Treatments

Last year, Sonya conducted a trial on a customer’s farm to evaluate the effectiveness of using a silage treatment. Sonya visited the farm at regular intervals monitoring the results by taking samples, photographs and videos. The results were positive:

  • Reduced solids.
  • Less crusting which will help produce a more homogeneous and nutrient rich fertiliser.
  • Improved pumpability.
  • Reduced odour and flies.
  • Less time and fuel spent on stirring as the bugs have done most of the work.
  • Higher nutrient value slurry – particularly nitrogen.
  • Better soil health.
  • Higher crop yields.

This customer is now a regular user of Maneuver lagoon by Chr. Hansen which we can supply direct to your farm through our close working relationship with Forage Tech .

Published: Thursday, 09 Mar 2023