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June 2021

In this issue:

Preparing for the possibility of the 6 D’s

When is a heifer not a heifer… at the end of her first lactation?

Feeding ground straw for greater rumen heath and development

Tackling Red Mite

April 2021

In this issue:

The importance of good gut health

Market soars, but will milk prices hit 30p?

Old girls- saying goodbye to some of the delivery fleet

Importance of reducing Lameness ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’

February 2021

In this issue:

The Pandemic has not stopped the future farmers!

Feeding Ewes post lambing

How different factors influence egg size

Colostrum Management – ‘Are you doing enough?’

December 2020

In this issue:

What effect has COVID 19 had on the poultry market?

Driving Milk Proteins and More

Navigating the fiscal minefield

Raw material overview

October 2020

In this issue:

What influences egg shell quality?

Fibre processing – unlocking the true potential

Crediton to top the milk price league table?

CMC – More than just feed!

August 2020

In this issue:

Focus on Re-seeding

Pre mowing – a useful tool?

Is Dairy Beef Robbing the profit from your Dairy farm?


February 2019

In this issue:

Fertility…Boom or Bust?

Why installing ramps can ease stress on new arrivals to aviaries

Picking the right Fertility Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Maximising use of Organic Manures

New Grass Seed partnership at CMC

August 2019

In this issue:

If you can’t stand the heat, your cows definitely can’t!

Reseeding – worthwhile or not?

June 2019

In this issue:

Creep feeding cattle and summer feeding

Spotty liver – typically this used to be a summer disease

Summer Grazing – let the challenge begin

Mobility scoring and condition scoring

Royal cornwall show

April 2019

In this issue:

How well do you manage your young stock?

Buffer Feeding at Grass