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Newsletter Archives 2022

December 2022

Keeping busy – a hen’s guide
Free support to help farmers navigate the Agricultural Transition in the South West
Slurry and additives

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October 2022

The Mill at Fordton
The Focus Team
The Poultry Team

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August 2022

Milk and Uncharted Waters
Farming for their future
First cut silage results 2022

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June 2022

Concentrating on the Big and Forgetting the Small?
Do you know your cows inside and out?
Grazing advice for demigods in training!

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April 2022

Your milk is in demand!
Prevention rather than cure is the key to lameness success
Thoughts on lamb finishing for the 2022 season

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February 2022

Monitoring the mineral status of your forages
Beethoven or Bieber?
Improve your pre-weened calf growth rate by 40%

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