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CMC Newsletter April 2024 Front Cover

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Our friendly and approachable team at Crediton Milling have a wealth of experience in all matters from Forage, Ruminant, cattle, poultry and pigs and more.

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August 2022

Milk and Uncharted Waters
Farming for their future
First cut silage results 2022

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June 2022

Concentrating on the Big and Forgetting the Small?
Do you know your cows inside and out?
Grazing advice for demigods in training!

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April 2022

Your milk is in demand!
Prevention rather than cure is the key to lameness success
Thoughts on lamb finishing for the 2022 season

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February 2022

Monitoring the mineral status of your forages
Beethoven or Bieber?
Improve your pre-weened calf growth rate by 40%

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December 2021

Forage update – Fertilizer options
A typical day in the life of the CMC Ruminant Focus Team Member, Sarah Cann
Positive action across the dairy sector
Feed Commodity Overview Nov 2021

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October 2021

To be, or not to be Now is the winter of our discontent…blah blah blah!
Desert to Devon: Parallelsin Milk Production
Organic Manures –what you can and can’t do

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August 2021

Price prospects dip as market sentiment falls
Cow shed ventilation – fit for purpose, or is it time for a re-think?
Can too much calcium be a problem?

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June 2021

Preparing for the possibility of the 6 D’s
When is a heifer not a heifer… at the end of her first lactation?
Feeding ground straw for greater rumen heath and development
Tackling Red Mite

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April 2021

The importance of good gut health
Market soars, but will milk prices hit 30p?
Old girls- saying goodbye to some of the delivery fleet
Importance of reducing Lameness ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’

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February 2021

The Pandemic has not stopped the future farmers!
Feeding Ewes post lambing
How different factors influence egg size
Colostrum Management – ‘Are you doing enough?’

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